Siya Africa Trading cc 15 Year Warranty

warrantyThis warranty covers all Siya Africa decking products for a period of ten (20) years from the date of the original consumer purchase from a Siya Africa product distributor.

Siya Africa (“Warrantor”) warrants all the Decking will not crack, splinter, rot or suffer structural damage from fungal decay when used in conjunction with an above ground application in a residential or commercial structure, under normal residential and commercial use and is installed and maintained according to manufactures guidelines.

Purchaser’s sole remedy for any claim whatsoever arising out of the purchase, use, storage or possession Siya Africa Decking products (whether such claim arises is contract, warranty, strict liability or otherwise), including without limitation any claim that Siya Africa products failed to perform as warranted above, shall be replaced with new Siya Africa product in an amount equal to the volume of the defective material. Replacement material will be provided that is as close as possible in colour, design and quality to the original installation but we cannot guarantee an exact match as colours and designs will change. Warrantor may elect to refund the percentage of the original purchase price in lieu of replacing the product.

To obtain replacement, the original owner should send this warranty certificate, copy of original invoice and photos of the issue to be address at the bottom of this document. Such invoice must be from an authorised Siya Africa product dealer or professional installer, and must show (1) the date of purchase, and (2) that sufficient Siya Africa product has been purchased to cover the number of lineal feet claimed to be damaged.

Warrantor shall not be liable for installation, removal or reinstallation costs or for any indirect , punitive, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind Siya Africa does not warrant against and is not responsible for, and no implied warranty shall be deemed to cover, any condition attributable to; (1) improper installation of Siya Africa products and/or failure to abide by Siya Africa installation guidelines, including but not limited to improper gapping; (2) use of Siya Africa products beyond normal residential and commercial use , or in an application not recommended by Siya Africa’s guidelines and local building codes; (3) movement, distortion, collapse or setting of the ground or the supporting structure on which Siya Africa products are installed; (4) any act of God (such as flooding, hurricane, earthquake, lighting etc); (5) environmental condition such as air pollution, mould, mildew etc; (6) normal weathering defined as natural efflorescence which will cause any coloured surface to gradually fade; (7) variations or changes in colour of Siya Africa products; (8) improper handling, storage, abuse and neglect of Siya Africa products by the Purchaser or third parties; (9) ordinary wear and tear; (10) any fasteners not supplied or approved by Siya Africa.